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Nuts for Weight Loss?

Nuts may be high in fat and calories, but it turns out that they have a special property that makes them a good bet even for dieters. Find out what makes them a good choice even when you are watching your weight.

You've heard it dozens of times - nuts are good for you, but don't eat too many because they are full of fat and calories. However, research indicates that the reality is somewhat more complex - and that's good news for nut-lovers who are watching their weight. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that while a handful (about 22 kernels) of almonds contains 170 calories, only 129 calories are actually absorbed by the body. The rest are passed, because the protein and fat in them are relatively hard to digest. Even better news - after one daily handful of almonds, three percent of the calories you consume for the next 24 hours are rendered indigestible. That means if you eat 2,000 calories in a day, the almonds you ate in the morning will remove about 60 calories from that total. The effect probably applies to other kinds of nuts, although only almonds have been rigorously studied. So enjoy your nuts - their monounsaturated fat content appears to lower cardiovascular risk. And of course, they're delicious!

Want to Lose the Love Handles?

If you are exercising, but can’t seem to make a difference in areas that are bothering you, consider this advice on how to address love handles, underarm fat and more.

Do you have love handles, underarm fat or a paunchy middle - even though you're exercising, eating well, and on track with your supplement regimen? Sometimes our "trouble spots" seem to escape our best fitness efforts, but keep in mind that "spot reducing" isn't how the body works. We have sophisticated mechanisms that keep fat fairly evenly distributed, even when we focus on arm curls or stomach crunches. This means that time in the gym, or even simple things like using the stairs instead of the elevator, all help us shed overall body fat rather than fat in any particular place.

Varying your fitness routine by incorporating some higher resistance lifting or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help you over the plateau. Consider signing up with a trainer at a gym for personalized instruction, and you'll find the fat receding from the trouble spots - and everywhere else!