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Do You Have Text Neck?

The alarming news that millions of people who habitually send text messages from their smart phones could eventually develop a postural problem leading to early wear-and-tear on the spine, degeneration and even surgery went viral before Thanksgiving. The source was the early release of a paper by New York spine specialist Kenneth Hansrajn that will appear in an upcoming issue of the journal Surgery Technology International. In an interview with the Washington Post Dr. Hansraj said "text neck" is "epidemic or, at least...very common." Or maybe not. In a related article published in The Atlantic on November 25, contributor James Hamblin, M.D., notes that the position of the head when you're texting is essentially the same as it is when you're reading a book or holding a baby. Dr. Hamblin also quoted Washington University in Saint Louis neurosurgeon Ian Dorward, who took issue with the assertion that there's an epidemic of "text neck" since Dr. Hansraj provided no evidence of this in his paper and no objective evidence of "wreckage of any spines." Dr. Dorward also noted that what's really increasing wear and tear on the spine is the obesity epidemic. As you gain weight, your center of gravity moves forward, which can drastically increase the force on the lumbar spine. And, for the record, he made the point that "people are walking around now while texting, falling into water fountains and lakes and walking into traffic—that's a real danger."

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