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Surprising News About Your Eyes

The more educated you are, the greater the odds that you’re nearsighted. German researchers came to this interesting conclusion after checking the eyes of 4,685 men and women ages 33 to 74. They found nearsightedness (myopia) among 60.3 percent of those who graduated from the 13-year German secondary school system compared with 41.6 percent of those who spent only 10 years in school, 27.2 percent of those who graduated after nine years, and 26.9 of those who didn’t graduate. They also reported that the percentage of nearsighted people was higher among university grads in general than among graduates of vocational schools or those who had no professional training. The investigators concluded that the effect of education on nearsightedness was much greater than that predicted by genetics, and hypothesized that environmental factors play a much bigger role in myopia than previously thought. They reported that the strong association between nearsightedness and education remained even after they adjusted for age, gender and variation in DNA sequences associated with myopia.

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