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What Happens if You Take Too Many Supplements?

Taking too many vitamins can have a detrimental effect on your health – but not getting enough can have downsides as well. Learn more about what Dr. Weil says when it comes to getting the right amounts of vitamins, minerals and other supplements.

People often ask if they should be worried about getting too much of a particular vitamin. While supplements can help supply nutrients that may be deficient or missing in the diet, dosage can be the difference between benefit and harm. It is especially important to always read labels carefully and discuss your supplement regime with your physician, particularly when combining different multivitamins, multiminerals and fortified foods with similar ingredients, which can lead to a higher intake than is recommended.

To avoid any potential for toxicity or overdose, you may want to choose a supplement routine that is designed for you by a nutrition specialist and that takes overall dosages into account. The Weil Vitamin Advisor has three separate evaluations to ensure the proper dosages across a wide arrange of vitamins - try it today for your free recommendation.

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