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Want to Practice Intuitive Eating?

If stress or boredom lead you to overeat, consider intuitive eating. It may help you gain perspective on your diet, and prevent unwanted weight gain. Learn more!

Do you tend to when stressed or bored? If so, you may be especially prone to putting on unwanted extra pounds. One way to minimize weight gain is through “intuitive eating.” This practice involves slowing down, paying careful attention to your body and its hunger signals (or lack of them) and adjusting your intake to your actual needs. This practices has been linked to weight loss (and, as a bonus, lowering cardiovascular disease risk). Intuitive eating doesn't limit what or how much you eat, but rather dictates that you eat only when really hungry and stop when you are satiated.

So next time you catch yourself eating simply because you are under pressure, under-stimulated or depressed, consider that you're doing the opposite of "intuitive eating" and consuming unneeded calories that can lead to weight gain. Resolve to bring mindfulness to your eating for the rest of the day, until doing so becomes a habit.