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Foods for a Healthy Weight: Part 2

Yesterday’s Daily Tip covered four foods for a healthy waistline. Today’s Tip offers up five more: from oats to healthy fats, these foods can help you get to a healthy weight. Add them to your meals this month.

If you are trying to lose weight, avoid the frozen, prepared, and often expensive "diet" meals and instead hit up the real, whole foods sections of the grocery store. These foods are not just filling and can help you manage your weight, but offer numerous health benefits as well.

  1. Steel-cut oats. An excellent source of fiber, eating steel-cut oats is a good way to fill up and stay satisfied in the morning without a lot of calories. Consider the convenient use of a crockpot the night before.
  2. Quinoa. A healthy alternative to white rice, quinoa can help curb hunger via its fiber and protein content.
  3. Apples. A calorie-efficient way to curb hunger, apples contain antioxidants that may help prevent metabolic syndrome, a condition marked by excess belly fat.
  4. Buckwheat pasta. Unlike regular white-flour pasta, buckwheat is high in fiber and contains protein, making it more satiating, so you eat less. Try soba noodles in place of spaghetti. Always aim to cook the pasta a few minutes less to decrease its glycemic index.
  5. Olive oil and avocados. Both contain heart healthy monounsaturated fats. Many people find that increasing their intake of healthy fats makes them feel fuller while keeping insulin - which helps conduct fat into the cells for storage - low and steady.